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Love is in the Air-o-Press: The Truth About Coffee.

Hello everyone, thank you for coming back, I hope you're enjoying the lighter days we've been having. I'm certainly a fan of the crisp weather. I like to fill my tumbler with a hot coffee and head out for a lazy stroll to embrace nature again. I find that being outdoors in the open really lifts my mood, gives me a boost and allows me to think more clearly. Anything that gives me clarity is greatly welcomed as I often find it hard to focus due to a number of reasons. I do of course believe that the massive pot of coffee has something to do with it too. Which brings us to this month's topic...

I wanted to talk about the secret benefits of drinking coffee and give you some tips on how to make a really good cuppa at home. Obviously, I'm a huge sucker for bakes but my first love is for coffee. Coffee is the root of our dream and it fuels our passion and ambition. Did you know that many scientists have suggested that coffee is now considered to be a super food. These magic beans are bursting with antioxidants to give your immune system a boost. Many studies have discovered positive links between coffee drinkers and their heart health, cholesterol and even diabetes. Being a stimulant, coffee can be an added bonus if you like to workout as it enhances your performance and makes you more alert and focused.

It truly fascinates me. However, I think the biggie for me is how coffee affects your mood. It releases endorphins, gives you a dopamine style hit and in doing so has been said to help curb depression. Now, I'm not saying you should guzzle down as much coffee as possible but to find what works for you. As I said before, coffee is a stimulant and although it has amazing mental health benefits, it can be tricky if you suffer with anxiety. For years I have battled with anxiety and more recently I have had to find a better caffeine balance. I now know I can handle around two cups of coffee per day but any more and I get the jitters! Whilst my other half can literally down one after the other and still sleep like a log at night. Living with anxiety is tough but, I really do feel better when I've had a mindful cup of coffee and knowing that I have given my body that little pick me up.

At home, we use a Smarter bean to cup filter machine and an Aero-Press espresso maker. Both make beautiful coffees in very different ways. The filter machine is great, I can set it up and as it grinds the coffee and begins to brew it fills the house with the aroma of coffee. As the name suggests, it does only make filter coffee. The Aero-Press on the other hand can be used to create a stronger coffee or a latte style drink. It is also a great option for when you are on the go, you can literally pop it in your bag and take it with you for trips away. Out of all the home-brew methods we have tried, I feel that both the filter machine and the Aero-Press are the best value and best quality. The filter machine also has a super nifty feature that allows it to connect to the Wi-Fi, meaning that you can make coffee from an app on your phone or set it to your Alexa routine! How cool? Anyway, I'm rambing, so, below are my instructions on how to make a mindful cup of coffee to ensure you harness every aspect of the benefits of drinking coffee.

Love, Becky x

A Mindful Cuppa

Step 1 - Choose your favourite mug, remind yourself why you love this mug. What makes it special to you?

Step 2 - Depending on your method:

Listen to the water boil and watch the steam build into clouds as the kettle boils


Listen to the sound of the beans as they grind and to the drip of the water as it fills the carafe

Step 3 - Notice and smell the aroma as the water comes into contact with the freshly ground coffee.

Step 4 - Pour the coffee into your favourite mug and as it fills, tell yourself, 'I deserve this moment for me'

Step 5 - If you take milk, slowly add it to your coffee and watch as the colour changes and swirls around.

Step 6 - Hold your mug in your hands and feel the warmth, take a breath to engage with how this feels.

Step 7 - Go and sit down somewhere comfortable and where you won't be disturbed, this moment is yours.

Step 8 - Take your first sip and notice the warmth, the texture and the flavour as it fills your mouth. Enjoy.

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