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Busy Beans Award Winning Coffee

About Us

We’re Busy Beans Coffee, an independent coffee shop. We began our dream in 2015 as a little mobile coffee van, serving cups of the good stuff at farmer's markets and festivals. Then along came our Coffee Cabin. Bigger and better than ever! This beauty has been all over the country, met some lovely faces, and can be hired for any event or occasion. In 2019 we opened our very first shop! Right in the heart of Littleborough! We’ve had such a warm welcome to the village, we feel like part of the family and it’s safe to say we’re here to stay.


Meet Becky & Danny

A family, a team and a partnership.

We met in a coffee shop, a typical boy meets girl scenario. We fell in love and as new couples do, we were always out and about going on dates. The first thing we'd both order when we arrived anywhere was a cup of coffee.

The more we went out, the more we realised how difficult it was to find that perfect coffee! This led us to day-dream about how we should start our own business serving irresistible coffee. Then one day we asked ourselves 'what's stopping us?' And Busy Beans Coffee was born.


Looking back it all seems so far away! Now we have two kids, a dog and things just keep getting better. 

Did you know?

Not only are we completely head over heels for coffee and cake, but we also love our planet! We believe that a little change makes a big difference…

Clucky you! We only ever use Free Range Local Eggs

How does our garden grow?  TOP TIP: coffee grounds are great for the garden! We recycle all of our coffee pucks but if you fancy some just ask in the coffee shop!

Pour some sugar on… All of our syrup shots are vegan! (Yay!)

No Moo? No Problem… We always have lashings and lashings of alternative milk.

Power Up! Our Coffee Cabin is fully self-supporting and has a unique power source meaning there’s no nasty pollution from noisy generators.

Happy dance! It’s true what they say…When you buy from a small business, you’re supporting a dream and an actual person does a little happy dance! If you stick around long enough you’ll probably see for yourself!

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